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Fossil Fuels & Our Sustainability Mission

Remember when the milk man used to deliver fresh milk to our doorsteps, every morning? Neither do I!  However, for one of my good friends, delivering milk was her father’s first job —  put out of business by the cheap and plentiful oil (and gas) of the 1960’s and early 70’s.   It’s hard to believe…

You Will Be Full!

Introducing the first of our standard “grain” bowls: Chickpea fritters in a spicy tomato sauce, on a bed of sarrasin. Shown here, with a side of our home-made pickles (tibicos culture, of course!), and the optional nut topping. As always, a refreshing glass of tibicos drink; in this case, Hops, on the side. The high…

Growler Returns Support Bees!

Now, for every growler returned to our facility, or to our vans, we donate $.50 toward Ontario Beekeepers Association’s bee protection and advocacy fund! Together, we are making a difference! This growler has been around three times, raising $1.50 for Ontario’s bees, just this one bottle! All bottles are washed and sterilized, before reuse. This…

Eating Niagara, St Catharines Standard: Fermenting a New Niagara Beverage Business 9 °C | TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2018 Home /  Living /  Food / EATING NIAGARA: Fermenting A New Niagara… EATING NIAGARA: Fermenting a new Niagara beverage business LIVING 12:00 AM by Tiffany Mayer Special to The St. Catharines Standard Leslie Payne-Zimmer, owner of Tibbev, a St. Catharines company, and her brewer Hilary Hauck make water kefir,…

We are all super busy . . .

Study: 1 in 3 U.S. adults eat fast food each day | Lifestyle from CTV News Now —  Raw Tibicos healthy fast food — on Fizz Kitchen wheels!

Artificial sweeteners may cause problems with insulin

Evidence suggesting artificial sweeteners may be harmful should give us pause – The Globe and Mail    

Preservatives might be causing over eating —

Preservatives might be messing with our eating habits | CBC Life Click on the link —  does this seem true to you?

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